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I'm Devony, 21, Tattoo maker from Texas.

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Me and bestie, she looks so funny in this hahaha 💕
Getting a tattoo of my baby girl on Thursday from the lovely Anya Gladun. Cannot contain myself. This will be my new favorite for sure 💜
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Q: I really want to get into tattooing, more than anything. There's this unofficial 'school' of tattooing, which I was considering as an alternative to uni and academic work (like others suggest), but I recently started to question it. Like what if it doesn't guarantee me going straight into tattooing? I'm so worked my work isn't good enough and I want to get experience before I apply for an apperenticeship, but should I go for it, could it be legit?

Honestly I don’t know anything about a tattoo school, I went about getting my job in a fairly unconventional way. An apprenticeship is certainly something I would recommend though, if you’re serious about tattooing! It’s hands on, one-on-one time with an artist who wants to pass the trade on to you. Not much can compare to that :) but it does require 100% dedication so make sure you’re prepared! 💜

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Feeling like a caged animal stuck in here while it’s so beautiful outside. Keep me company?
Q: how long have you been tattooing? I LOVE your style

Thank you, I finished my apprenticeship in January of this year :) so I still have a lot to learn. I love my job so much, sometimes I fear I may esplode. 

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made this last year, still have yet to put it under anyone’s skin dammit